"RT - Business Development" LLC offers professional asset management services targeting financial and industrial projects based on best global practices in the corporate management of investment projects.

Business objectives

"RT-Business Development" LLC is charged with implementing the Rostec strategy aiming to increase capitalization of projects in the sectors of commercial advanced technologies, raw materials and associated infrastructure.

The Mission

is to act as an integrator of smart business solutions that will enhance the investment attractiveness of assets to the benefit of Rostec State Corporation and the Russian Federation.

Investment decision criteria:

  • Early/mature technology, raw materials and infrastructure projects;
  • Investment projects with significant growth potential;
  • Liquidity potential for investors and the Company;
  • Competences adding value to the investment project and maximum efficiency at every stage from financial modeling and capital investment to financial results from activities;
  • Maximal integration of technologies, services and products from Rostec holding companies during the project implementation.

Target industries:

The key business areas of "RT-Business Development" LLC include raw materials and infrastructure sectors, and industrial technologies

About the company

"RT- Business development" -
a gateway to Rostec for investors and partners

About the company

"RT- Business development" - an assistant in advance
of production and technologies of the Rostec Corporation for
large investment projects in Russia and on the international scene.

About the company

"RT- Business development" - a team of professionals
possessing a range of competences for structuring investment
projects for the benefit of the Rostec Corporation



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