Our values

The strategic objective of RT-Business Development LLC (RT-BD) is to increase the capitalization of managed assets and implement large-scale financial and industrial projects in various sectors of the economy. The current primary objective is to maximize investment attractiveness and partially monetize existing projects in order to find new investment partners and ensure financial results from activities.

"Market principles, Professional competence, Energy of creation"

The business strategy of RT-Business Development LLC is an organic part of the Rostec strategy. The company’s competitive edge can be summarized by “market principles”, “professional competence” and “energy of creation”.

The Three-Year Strategy and Preliminary Business Activity Program, approved by the Strategic Planning Committee of the Corporate Supervisory Board in 2015, incorporates best global practices and defines the fundamental principles for the company’s development:

  • Project fulfillment and operating activities in accordance with market principles;
  • Management incentive program;
  • Profitability;
  • Transparency (investment memorandum disclosure).

Main criteria for investment project selection:

  • Early-stage projects in resource sectors worldwide;
  • Investment projects with significant growth potential;
  • Liquidity potential for investors and the Company;
  • Competences adding value to the investment project and maximum efficiency at every stage using available resources: design engineering, capital investments, mineral deposits and infrastructure development;
  • Maximal integration of technologies, services and products from Rostec holding companies during the project implementation.

Growth drivers

Development model

The underlying principles of business management, including requirements defined by the government for state-owned corporations, were developed by RT-Global Resources and transferred to RT-Business Development. RT-Business Development LLC has attained optimal operating capacity thanks to its strong management team that ensures the implementation of corporate practices that transformed this business into a modern and efficient investment company. The structure of RT-Business Development is based on best global practices in investment project corporate management. As a part of the RT-Business Development Three-Year Strategy and Preliminary Business Activity Program, the company will move towards a private equity fund model by 2017–2018.

Commitment to best corporate practices

"RT-Business Development" relies on best corporate practices for its operating activities and has established a professional Board of Directors and Committees consisting of representatives from key businesses of Rostec and independent experts. This system ensures transparent investment procedures supported by Rostec, providing comprehensive professional analyses of investment projects. Growth will be achieved through the coordinated actions of all corporate bodies within RT-Business Development, a balanced investment policy, accurate disclosure of information and reporting, incentive programs for management and an independent internal audit system.

Investment team

The company has built a strong investment team composed of experienced managers that have proven track records in these business sectors and an ambitious vision of the corporate strategy.